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I have two goldens and started taking them to Camp Ruff House shorty after they opened. They love it there . It's a perfect place for extened stays or for the day while you're shopping or what ever and you need time for  yourself. They are also very resonably priced. I will contenue to take them there from now on.  Thanks again Yvonne and crew.  

Teri and Bob Bahr (K.C. and Paco's parents)


I saw your testimonals page on your website and thought I would like to send along a bit about my experience...

When mom leaves me home alone when she goes to run errands it makes me sad.  It also makes me chew the couch!  But ever since she found Camp Ruff for me to go to, I have made a ton of friends and I just LOVE going there!  I get so excited I even whine in the car on the way over.  They take such good care of me and all my doggie friends are so nice:)  Now mom doesn't have to worry about running errands and when I go home, I am so worn out I go right to sleep (sometimes for 2 days straight!).  Thanks Camp Ruff!


I have attached two photos of Ruby in her home environment BEFORE she started attending Camp Ruff House. As you know, she is an only dog who had forgotten that she was a dog! She needed some time with "her people" and doggie camp has been perfect for her. She looks forward to coming and loves playing with all of the kids at day care. Thanks for taking such good care of our baby.

Susan (Ruby's Mom)

My two Siberian Huskies, Angel and Sadie, loved going to Camp Ruff House. All we had to do was say the words "day care" and they would be howling in the car all the way there. I always knew they were safe and were getting lots of personal care and love from Yvonne. We had to move to Colorado and still have not found a doggie day care that we liked as much as Camp Ruff House. Yvonne really paid attention to our dogs, brushed them, and gave them doggie perfume everyday before they came home. My dogs definitely miss going to Camp Ruff House!
Thanks for the extra love and care you guys gave our girls!!

-Sadie and Angel's Mom and Dad

Camp Rough House has proven to be invaluable in helping me socialize my year old Rottweiler, Ben. He has learned to get along with every kind of dog they have. I rest easy knowing Yvonne and Sandy give him lots of love and are firm with his manners when I am not around. On Fridays, he gets a bath and is ready for the weekend when I pick him up. The gals are like his Aunties who he just loves to go see when I'm downtown on assignments. He is a big, very strong, well mannered Rottie that requires serious handling skills. Camp Rough House has those skills. Camp Rough House is very clean and well tended with a small intimate staff that knows full well how to care for my dog. I can't say enough about how important Yvonne and Sandy are in the raising of my best buddy Ben. Oh yes, price does matter. I found Camp Rough House to be a great value when comparing them to other Doggy Day Care places in this area.
Thanks Ladies, Ben loves you both to pieces - Your The Best !!

Keith Caravelli - Tulalip

4 paws up. My Bailey has become the social animal she always dreamed of. She loves to run with her big furry friends and then take her afternoon naps with them. This is your dream day care as a mother.

-Bailey's Mommy






Davis wrote his first email ever and it was to YOU!!
My name is Davis and I am a six month old pup. My mom and dad recently went on vacation and left me alone for the first time overnight and I stayed at Camp Ruff House. I knew instantly that not only were mom and dad on vacation, but so was I! I had a ball at Camp Ruff and made a ton of cool new friends. All the dogs were friendly and I had lots and lots of playtime. Camp Ruff even has a pool which is a must have for any vacation! Since I am still a young pup, my mom was nervous about leaving me for the first time, but Yvonne put her at ease. She gave me lots of love and promised my mom that I was in good hands and I was. I would most definitely recommend Camp Ruff to any pup who likes to have a good time and to any moms and dads like mine who can relax while they are away knowing that their pups are safe and happy.

Thanks again for everything!
Katie & Matt

Camp Ruff House is a godsend! My dog Gilly loves his "Aunties" Yvonne and Sandy. They are amazing people, they love dogs, and it shows. They will go out of their way to work with you and your dog, without making you feel bad for your dogs more "challenging behaviors". Yvonne has worked miracles with my sweet, but stubborn coonhound. I cannot say enough about Camp Ruff House!! I love you guys!

Gilly's Mom


“Miss Yvonne & Miss Sandy are the BEST doggie sitters I have ever had!  They know that I am a “momma’s boy” and I’m VERY spoiled.  So, on the rare occasion that mom can’t take me with her or I need to get my fur groomed, she will let me stay at Camp Ruff House.  I have so much fun!  My favorite is Miss Sandy (sorry Miss Yvonne!).  She ALWAYS will hold me when I need it!  I know I am getting older and grumpier, but you both are so patient & loving with me!  I think Camp Ruff House is the best place for a dog (I believe I’m a human) like me!  Thanks for all your love and care!”  Sincerely, Bear Lemen (& his human mom – Connie)




Our two dogs Smokey & Chevy love coming to Camp Ruff! Chevy doesn't even take time to say goodbye when I drop him off in the mornings, he just runs in ready for a day of fun. The dogs are always so tired when we pick them up, they typically fall asleep before we get back on the freeway. We appreciate how well they are treated at Camp Ruff especially because they are lab-pit mixes. At other daycares or boarding facilities they have had to play alone because of their breed. Camp Ruff does not discriminate against breeds as long the dog has good behavior.  They love visiting for the day or for sleepovers. You can tell that the staff loves dogs because they are always with them and can tell you about all the adventures your dog had throughout the day. Thanks Camp Ruff!


Smokey, Chevy, Jason, & Chelsea Downie







"Thank you  Yvonne and Sandy for the wonderful care, love, & helpful training you've given to help me develop into a really nice boy.
I know my time is near that I can't come to see you since I'm intact, but I'm trying REAL hard to keep myself in check and be a good boy
so mom will keep bringing me to play day.  Mom say's you have been a "saving grace" for her - whatever that means! 
And from me!  
 "You couldn't find a better doggie daycare to take your beloved friend too.  Yvonne and Sandy are so caring and love
all the dogs so much.  I felt it the minute I came in the the first time.  Mojo can be quite a challenging young man, but you've helped me
with his manners, his attitude, his training, and all done with love and kindness.  I brag to everyone about what a wonderful, fun place you
have created!   Your both more than the "day care mom's," you have become dear friends I enjoy spending time and talking with!  Thank you for
everything.  Mojo will soon not be able to be there again (for a while anyway), but guarenteed my future little girl will be there the minute her
little paws hit the dirt in Washington! -
Angi MacGowan

From the very first time I brought my dog, Walter the standard poodle, into Camp Ruffhouse for daycare, it felt like leaving him with family. Walter is always very excited when I tell him we are going to daycare. He can hardly contain himself as we pull up to the door. When he comes home  he is happy & tired! Exactly why I bring him! I am pretty sure if he could talk he would want to go everyday! Sandy bathes and grooms Walter and does a great job. It makes such a difference in my life to not have to worry about who is taking care of my dog during the day or while I am on vacation. Thanks Yvonne for everything!!-Toni