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Here’s Buzz in the morning.. can’t I go to daycare mom?    At Camp Ruffhouse the staff goes the extra mile without hesitation!  It’s comforting knowing Buzz is being well cared for and loved when he’s not at home.  My dog enjoys the other dogs (including his brother Jack who also goes to Camp Ruffhouse) and the playtime it gives him. The environment is watched over, clean and loving. Buzz enjoys the water and even gets to play in the pool at daycare in the summer!   





We've used another area dog daycare service until we found "Camp Ruffhouse".  Since then my wife and I wouldn't trust our dog's daycare to anyone else!  Auntie Yvonne gives our dog loving attention while he's there, and we have never had any problems, in fact, he's usually so tired from playing all day that he's fast asleep before we leave the parking lot.  We would recommend "Camp Ruffhouse" to anyone who  has a valued canine member of the family.  We trust them completely.
Carol and Norman Reed

"Auntie Yvonne",
What can we all say but that we are so glad mommy brings us to you--she can be pretty picky about who takes care of us when she can't.  Even though we enjoyed going to work with her, we would spend most days sleeping and barking at clients coming in. But now that she brings us to you, we get to play with other dogs and enjoy mommy more when she takes us home--we also sleep much better at night!!!
You take such good care of us and even treat us as if we were your own pets. Hannah, Duke, Milo, Tessa, Taly and the other daily doggies have become our best play friends and we can't wait for the weekends to end so that we can get back to camp again.  We will never go to another doggie daycare. Simply put, you are more than a daycare for us--you have become part of the family.
Simon, Mousse, Gracee,  Scarlett
Turbo has enjoyed each and every day he gets to spend at the camp.  His tail wags the minute he trots in the door and he seems a bit sad when we load up to leave.  That tells me he really like being at the camp and enjoys the company and play time he gets.  They will email me pictures while we are on our trip and I can relax knowing that Turbo is very well taken care of.
Karena Nevratakis
Kaycee's the name and playing is the game. I love to play, I really love to play. When I come to Camp Ruff House I can play and play all day. I have enough friends there I never run out of someone to play with. There are big dogs and little dogs and they all love to play with me. Mom and Dad spoil me but when they get home from work they don't always want to play as much as I do. Now, after a day at camp when they pick me up, I am tired out and turn into a gentle lap dog. 
When I first started going to camp I was having a little trouble with my bathroom skills but after a couple weeks my new friends taught me to go outside when nature called. Yvonne, Sandy, and Heather are the best. I think they love me as much as mom and dad. One of them is always in with us just in case we get a little rough and tough with each other.  It's not all good though, sometimes I have to get a bath or groomed, this really cuts into my playing time (remember I love to play) but I do look beautiful when I get picked up to go home. If I didn't have it so good at home I would like to live at Camp Ruff House!
Thanks Camp Ruff House
Can't wait to be back
Love Ya

A good thing about Camp Ruff House is I don't have to worry about  what my dog is doing to my house while I'm at work. You see she looks like an angel but when left home alone she turns into the devil.  The other good thing is, when I come home from work all tired out from work she's tired out from playing so hard all day. And the best thing is they love my dog as much as I do at Camp Ruff House.   Thanks Yvonne




We always look for exceptional places to leave our pets that both give them extra attention and enforce good behavior. In a kennel that means play times, checking they are ok between play times, etc. In a day care that means watching they do not misbehave (boss other dogs) and that they are comfortable, not overwhelmed by any other dogs and able to tell another dog to leave them alone in appropriate dog language. We have Dalmatians and if someone doesn't truly understand dog pack behavior or how to be a dog alpha our Dalmatians get away with murder and come home thinking they run the world and start being obnoxious; we work with our dogs to have dogs that are pleasant to live with while still being a dog and getting spoiled.
We recently needed to leave our dog Bo somewhere during the day for several days. He is older and has some medical as well as some personality issues which means he needs extra attention in several areas (special coaxing around food & water, some down time where he is fully relaxed, and feeling ok in situations where he can feel unsure, well as behaving appropriately with other dogs). 
We wanted to ramp up to a whole day as Bo had not been in a kennel/day care for many years and never by himself without the other dog he spent most of his life with. We checked out several dog day care places in the area and thought we might get close to what we wanted at Camp Ruff House. We got way beyond our biggest dreams with Camp Ruff House and this was obvious after the first two hour visit.
We gave them a write-up on Bo and all his issues, medical & personality, and both Yvonne (owner) and Sandy read it with interest using it to understand and work with Bo. We got a report after the first visit saying that he made a friend so when he got a little unsure he got comfort from his new dog friend. We were told not just that he did fine but to what level he relaxed so we could work on how to make him relaxed at the level we knew he needed for a full day visit. At the beginning of his third visit, Bo licked Yvonne under her nose and I knew he thought she was an alpha dog - a real pleasure to know since Dalmatians really need an alpha leader in their humans. I don't know anyone else Bo has done this with other than his human Mom so this said a lot.
Over almost 2 weeks we did visits that became longer in timeframe and they let us bring in his crate and put it in a quieter area where he didn’t see all the other dogs so that he could get some down time that was truly relaxing. They really worked with us, around feeding & water issues and down time and paid attention to his subtle signals to figure out what he wanted. All of this was much more than I expected in a dog day care setting, where the standard is only to keep the dogs basically safe. As we all learned how he reacted, his experiences became optimal for him with lots of fun but with needed down time so it was stress free and relaxing also. We had no worries when he then stayed for 3 full days as we knew he would be well taken care of. 
I would highly recommend Camp Ruff House for any picky owner that wants to make sure their dog is happy, healthy, and well behaved at dog day care.
Bo’s Mom & Dad


Winston, our one and a half year old Shih Tzu loves going to camp to play with his friends. He plays hard all day and is exhausted by the time he gets home. My husband and I love hearing the stories of what he did and how much fun he had that day. We know that Winston is well cared for there. We can tell that Yvonne and Sandi love all the dogs there and are so welcoming and friendly when we bring Winston in. I'm so glad we found such a great place for our dog to go on days we work so he doesn't have to be alone.
Chris and Kelli LaRoche


Hello Yvonne and Sandy!
Rich and I have done nothing but talk endlessly about what a wonderful weekend we had.  Besides enjoying our much needed escape at Tulalip, our most appreciated part of the weekend was meeting you two—and seeing first hand the passion that you have for your jobs—and in caring for the family members that are entrusted to you.
I can’t tell you just how nervous we were to bring Monty in.  He’s never really been away from us before—only once with close friends—and certainly never for more than a few hours with someone that we’ve not yet met.  Besides hearing nothing but praise from Max’s mom, Mary Beth—we felt an instant rapport with you—and could sense that Monty would be in good hands.   He got off to a rough and nervous little start (sorry for having to clean that up!)—but you were both so comforting with us all…it made it a little easier to leave our little boy.  After leaving, Rich reminded me of what great care Monty was getting—and said that he was probably loving “camp”…soon I began to relax and just enjoy myself knowing that Monty was well taken care of. 
And then we got your lovely email the next day!  I literally got teary reading that Monty was enjoying himself—and the way you described him—we could just see him with his tail wagging!  That really made our morning.  We had a lovely relaxed breakfast—did a little shopping—and knowing that he was being groomed by Sandy’s talented hands—we couldn’t wait to see him.
When it was time to pick him up—we raced back to see him.  Monty looked GORGEOUS…I can’t believe that Sandy had never cut a Havanese before—she did a great job!  In fact, we plan on driving all of the way from Ballard every month to have him visit both of you for a little R & R and grooming.   A BIG and very special thank you for taking care of his nails—it broke my heart to hear that he had his dew claws were causing him such pain—and it explained a lot.  In the months past, he had lost his puppy spring in his step, and had seemed like a much older dog.  No wonder!  I have to tell you—Monty was a new dog when we brought him home!  Within a day—he was zooming around the house and yard like a rabbit…tail wagging madly—he is obviously happier and healthier.  We can’t thank you enough for that!
We can’t wait to see you again very soon—we’ll be back sometime at the last week of September or the first week of October (we’ll call to find out what works for you).   Possibly sooner for a day visit!
Thanks again, ladies—we are so happy to have a new 2nd home for Monty! J

Cara Mia, Rich, and Monty


Hi Yvonne and Sandy,
I just wanted to thank you again for helping me get Bodhi the Poodle through his first grooming.  He is such a happy boy with his new haircut!  Lucy had such a good time too.  I hope Willy wasn't worn out from all of Lucy's attention.
I plan on bringing Bodhi back for his regular grooming and as soon as he get's "tutored" (did you ever see the "Far Side" cartoon where the dog is in the car, his person is driving and his head is out the window.  He yells to another dog along the road..."Hey!  I'm going to be lots smarter when I get back.  Dad says I'm going to get tutored!") I hope to be able to bring him a couple of days a week so that you can help him get used to other dogs and maybe with his potty training.
I knew from the first five minutes with Sandy that we had found a special place.  Once I met Yvonne it was solidified.  You have huge hearts, true love for dogs and seem to tolerate humans pretty darn good too.
Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.
Patti, Lonnie, Bodhi and Lucy Dalrymple